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Workshop information for the 2019-20 season

With input from Roger Crocombe and other BRCC members we run a series of monthly workshops right through the club year. (Please note that the workshops will continue to run right through the 'closed' season).

The workshops will take place on a Saturday morning between 09:30 and 12:15 in the small hall at St. Mary's Centre which is situated directly behind the main hall in the same building.

Please aim to arrive around 09:15 so we can start promptly. The workshop will end at 12:15 so we can pack up and be clear by 12:30.

Note revised times!!

Because of space limitations attendance will initially be limited to 25 BRCC members only, on a first come first served basis,
at a cost of £6 per person (to cover hall costs), payable at time of booking.
Note that there needs to be a minimum of six delegates for each workshop to be viable, so if you are intending to attend then please book in or there is a risk of cancellation.

Non members may be accommodated at a fee of £10 (payable on the day) if space is available at the discretion of the event organiser.

You reserve your place using our Eventbrite based booking system. Bookings for each workshop are normally opened a minimum of four weeks in advance of each workshop and the link to the booking is shown below each worshop's title in the list below.

When booking you are asked for your email address so any relevant notices can be sent to you.

Practical visits are are for members to go out and take pictures as a group. They are open to all whether you have attended any related workshop or not. Details for each will be on the Noticeboard about six weeks in advance.

The normal proctice is that the notes or slides from the workshop will be posted in the member's area of the club's website on or shortly after the workshop's date.

The programme outlined below will follow a logical sequence from camera use and image capture through to the production of a finished print/pdi exploring specific areas of photography e.g. landscape, macro, etc and any specific equipment/techniques required in those areas in order to create successful images.

Some of the content/dates may change depending upon hall/speaker availability. Plenty of notice of any changes will be given.

The purpose of these and future workshops is to improve everyone's understanding and help all to get more enjoyment and pleasure out of our hobby.

Proposed workshop content as follows :-

Workshop title Date (Sat AM) Organiser
Workshop - Preparing to print with Chi University
Chicheter University's Bognor Campus print shop has a wide range of affordable printing options. Learn how best to use them.
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10th Aug 2019
Roger Crocombe
Workshop for Potential New Members
A workshop for those who signed up at one of our Summer events.
Click here to register for this event
24th Aug 2019
Paul Crombie
Workshop - Getting to Grips with your camera pt 1
Workshop designed for debutants to become familiar with their camera
Click here to register for this event
26th Oct 2019
Tony Lord
Workshop - Basic Composition techniques
This workshop discusses basic rules of composition and how they can be applied to your work
Click here to register for this event
9th Nov 2019
Roger Crocombe
Workshop - Basic Image processing
This workshop shows techniques for inputting your images into post processing application such as Photoshop elements or Lightroom and preparing them for print and PDI competitions
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16th Nov 2019
Roger Crocombe
Workshop - Travel Photography
This workshop discusses the preparations, equipment and techniques associated with travel photographny.
Booking opens about four weeks before the event
18th Jan 2020
Roger Crocombe
Workshop - Getting to grips with your camera Pt 2
Workshop designed for debutants to become familiar with their camera
Booking opens about four weeks before the event
25th Jan 2020
Tony Lord
Workshop - Abstract photography techniques
This workshop looks at the various techniques both in-camera and post processing, used to create abstract image, along with a discussion about what is meant by "Abstract" in this sense.
Booking opens about four weeks before the event
15th Feb 2020
Roger Crocombe
Workshop - Black & White photographic techniques
This workshop explores the techniques and types of image best suited to conversion to Black & White.
Booking opens about four weeks before the event
21st Mar 2020
Bill Brooks
Workshop - Flowers and Macro techniques
This workshop demonstrates techniques for capturing and developing flower and macro images into artistic bodies of work.
Booking opens about four weeks before the event
25th Apr 2020
Celia Henderson
Workshop - Restoring Old Photographs
This workshop demonstrates some of the techniques available to restore family heirloom photos to their former glory.
Booking opens about four weeks before the event
16th May 2020
Roger Crocombe
Workshop - Lightroom - Beyond the basics
This workshop shows how to exploit later versions ofLightroom to go beyond the basic image processing.
Booking opens about four weeks before the event
20th Jun 2020
Roger Crocombe
Workshop - Photoshop hints and tips
This workshop includes hints and tips by a number of experts as to how they achieve their special magic using Photoshop.
Booking opens about four weeks before the event
25th Jul 2020
Roger Crocombe
Workshop - Printing hints and tips
This workshop takes the participant through the techniques used to produce quality prints using Lightroom and how papers and inks impact the quality of the final image.
Booking opens about four weeks before the event
22nd Aug 2020
Roger Crocombe
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